"CP Dynes knows its major resource is its employees and their talents. Therefore it has invested heavily to maximise their skills and experience to provide not only greater satisfaction to the individual employee but also enhance the quality of the product for the customer."

Certificates of Training are held in:Construction Plant Competence Scheme. Registration No: 01310007/1


  • Dump truck - Articulated chassis - All sizes
  • Dump truck - Rigid chassis - All sizes (wheeled)
  • Dump truck - Rigid chassis - Tracked
  • Excavator 470 - Tracked
  • Excavator 360 below 10 tonnes - Tracked
  • Excavator 360 below 10 tonnes - Wheeled
  • Excavator 360 above 10 tonnes - Tracked
  • Excavator 360 below 10 tonnes - Wheeled
  • Excavator 180 below 5 tonnes
  • Excavator 180 above 5 tonnes
  • Purpose built testing vehicles

Certificate of Commitment - CITB Platinum Card Certificate

Construction Skills Certification Scheme

Civil Engineering Site Supervisor Industry Accreditation

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)

Continuing professional development (IEI)

Slinger/Signaller Course

Abrasive Wheels Regulations

Polyethylene Jointing Course:

  • Electro fusion
  • Automatic butt fusion
  • Jointing and principles

Confined Spaces with Escape Procedures

Training Matrix

We've made available our full training matrix showing completion dates of numerous training courses our employees have undertaken.

It can be downloaded here.

  • CP Dynes Suction Excavator

    Suction Excavator

    Our latest machine to our fleet safely removing many types of debris quickly, reducing the time required for removing material around delecate electrical cabling or pipework.

  • CP Dynes Fleet

    Fleet in Action

    See our fleet of machinery that we use on construction sites throughout the United Kingdom. Our newest addition is a Scania R730 lorry complete with C P Dynes livery.

  • C P Dynes Training Policy

    Training Policy

    We operate regular updating of NVQ qualifications for all employees and encourage all staff to undergo any training that will be beneficial to themselves, CP Dynes and the main Contractor.

  • C P Dynes Health and Safety Policy

    Health & Safety Policy

    At CP Dynes we consider health & safety performance to be of prime importance to our business and we are totally committed to continual improvement in these areas.