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7th January 2011

Dear Sirs

CP Dynes were awarded a £1.4m contract in February 2010 to carry out drainage works at East Kent Access – Phase 2.

Performance to date in all areas has been very good.

All works have been completed safely and to a high standard and a policy of leaving finished works behind has been adhered to at all times.

Performance against programme has been outstanding and more importantly has been achieved without any compromise to the Safety or Quality of the works.

Commercially they have been user friendly and clearly operate on the basis of seeking only fair recovery for works carried out.

Given the above I would have no hesitation in recommending them to carry out works of a similar nature. If you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Mick O’Hare Senior Project Manager
For VolkerFitzpatrick Hochtief JV

10th January 2011

CP Dynes – reference

I am currently employed by Jacobs as the Project Manager on the £63M East Kent Access project for Kent County Council. On this project CP Dynes are employed as the drainage sub contractor by the main joint venture contractor Volker Fitzpatrick / Hochtief. I have also worked on many projects over the last 15 years where CP Dynes have undertaken drainage works as sub contractor to the main contractor.

During this period CP Dynes have shown themselves to be a competent drainage contractor. They act professionally to solving site related problems with the Project Manager's site team whilst maintaining very high outputs in the field.

Their site management team are extremely knowledgeable and have been proactive raising potential problems in advance of commencing works in order to minimise delay or additional costs.

Gary Woods.

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We have employed CP Dynes on the Roads & Utilities project at the Athletes Village in Stratford to install the foul and surface water drainage network. This project commenced in September 2008.

CP Dynes have had zero accidents on site and have actively liased with our client and our own safety department to improve safety performance on site. This includes the Incident and Injury Free safety initiative which all Dynes operatives have been participating in.

They have consistently achieved or bettered the required outputs and handover dates to keep this section of work on programme. We have weekly meetings with CP Dynes to agree resource levels and discuss programme, safety and quality.

The quality of their work has been very good and every section has been handed over with complete as-built records including air testing and CCTV surveys. All manholes were benched and covers placed and signed off so that the sections could be handed to our client for their follow on heating/cooling pipe network contractor.

They are not commercially aggressive and are pro-active in sorting any issues on site to maintain safe and orderly progress.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on ***********.

Yours sincerely,

Yours Sincerely

Dave Gibson
Contract Manager

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CP Dynes carried out a £2M drainage and ductwork subcontract package for overselves, Lagan Construction Ltd., which formed part of our phase 1 £33M infrastructure contract at Colchester Garrison, Essex. Our contracts commenced in May 2004 and the contracts completion data was September 2006. The installation of the drainage and ductwork commenced and May 2004 and was substantially complete by the end of November 2004. Minor amounts of drainage and ductwork continued throughout 2005 and early 2006 in areas that could not be accessed, due to building construction operations, during the main drainage/ductwork operations. These minor amounts, amround buildings, etc were carried out on a piecemeal basis when access to the areas were available.

The drainage work consisted of diameters up to 1200mm and depths up to 6m. The ducting works consisted of 32000m of 100mm BT ducting, 250 concrete communication boxes and street lighing road crossing ducting.


The result of CP Dynes carrying our the drainage/ductwork expeditiously between May - November 2004 resulted in our ability to accelerate the commencement of our follow on operations and resulted in our completing the whole of the works in June 2006 rather than September 2006.

The piecemeal handover to ourselves by others with limited notice of the areas ajacent to the new buildings, resulted in major fluctuations in resource requirements which, due to CP Dynes flexibility, were overcome with no apparent delay of disruption to our overall programme requirements.


The operatives, including plant operatives, allocated to the works were sufficient in numbers and were of a skill level which resulted in a high quality of work carried out in a safe, tidy, timely manner. All the operatives got on very well with our site personnel and were accommodating to changes, instructions and advice. The supervision provided by CP Dynes was of a high standard and very experienced in both deep and shallow drainage operations and had a good understanding of Health, Safety and Environmental matters.

Health & Safety and Environmental

CP Dynes was fully equiped to carry our the works in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. They provided more than enough trench boxes which, whatever the drainage depths, always provided a safe height barrier to the trenches. They provided offloading equipment which precluded men climbing onto lorries, and each drainage gang  consisted of an extra back actor complete with an attached vibrating plate plus operative resources, which allowed the trench backfilling to proceed immediately behind the pipe laying operatings. Fuel was stored and distributed in accordance with Environmental guidelines. All plant appeared to be maintained to a standard that complied with noise and emission considerations.


CP Dynes fully complied with our Quality Management Procedires and procided all information in a timely manner. They carried out all the final cleaning out, pipe testing and handover information including manhole photographic evidence. The completed works were offered for acceptance to a high standard and the resources provided included snagging and completion personnel which resulted in pipelines and manholes being handed over to ourselves for acceptance as the work proceeded.


CP Dynes sorted out the commercial aspects of the subcontract as the work proceeded with our quantity surveyor responsible for that portion of work with no requirement for further meetings and the final account was agreed in a timely manner. No claims were instigated by them against ourselves. Unfortunatley, Phase 2 which was smaller was not awarded to CP Dynes due to purely commercial considerations. Our current subcontractor selection procedures could well have altered that decision.


CP Dynes carrioed out their subcontract responsibilities to the total satisfaction of both ourselves and the client and I believe, from my previous experience of a large motorway reconstruction and widening projects, they have the expertise, experience and resources that a large drainage contract requiring high output carried out in a safe manner and to the quality of the Highways Agency specification requires.

Alan Hall
Contracts Manager

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Whitelands Farm, Infrastructure Works, Bicester, Oxfordshire. C.P Dynes - Subcontract drainage installation package.

It is refreshing to work with a sub-contractor that procides 'solutions' and works in a positive manner to achieve the common goal, a successful development project of high quality, on time, within budget and in a safe manner.

C.P. Dynes provided competant and skilled labour, their own plant and tools to install surface water and foul water pipe lines and deep manholes to a high standard on the above site.

Their attitude towards safety is of a high standard and made to regular contribution to our Safety Committee meetings on site.

The professional attitude and good communication skills promotes a good working environments which we are happy top be part of.

Yours faithfully

Reference for CP Dynes

Shaun Peachment
Contract Manager (07/12/2010)

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